Elevated e-commerce performance


Project Overview
  • E-commerce Website Reconstruction
  • Seamless Integration with Point-of-Sale System
  • User Experience Enhancement
  • Performance Optimization and Scalable Hosting

At Local & Co, we had the privilege of working with Hydraulics Stores, a prominent multi-label concept store that originated in 1993. With seven upmarket stores across South Africa, Hydraulics Stores sets the standard for luxury and international brands.

Our collaboration with the Hydraulics brand involved a complete reconstruction of their e-commerce website. We aimed to create a digital presence that matched the prominence and distinct aesthetic of their physical stores. Using our expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce, we developed a bespoke e-commerce platform that offers a seamless user experience.

A key challenge was integrating the website with the point of sale system for stock and sales synchronization. Our team successfully achieved this, streamlining Hydraulics’ operations and ensuring real-time updates.

Performance optimization was a top priority. We optimized the website for lightning-fast loading times and responsive design, providing an exceptional user experience. To handle their high traffic and concurrent users, we implemented our autoscale infrastructure, built on Kubernetes.

Our autoscaling solution ensures that Hydraulics’ website maintains consistent performance, even during traffic surges. With unmetered DDoS attack mitigation, Cloudflare’s Secure Web Application Firewall (WAF), and global CDN, we’ve fortified their online presence against threats and optimized content delivery worldwide.

The result is a website that reflects the brand’s luxury and sophistication, offers exclusive product lines, and provides a personalized shopping experience for customers. Hydraulics Stores’ website now stands as a testament to Local & Co’s ability to elevate e-commerce excellence.

Think Local, Act Global.